The work of Prayer to all Nations began after a vision was given to Rev. Theodore Effiong and Rev. Ephraim Effiong in Calabar Nigeria. (Click here to read more)
           For over thirteen years, through the mandate of bringing the fire of revival to all nations, Prayer City laboured on through prayer and intercession for the land. Calabar has been totally transformed both spiritually and socially. God graciously revitalised the church and sent forth blessing, deliverance and transformation across the land. Over fifty church pastors and denominations consistently gathered together praying in unity of purpose 'And there The Lord commanded the blessing'.
           According to the word in Isaiah chapter 18 v 7, Isaiah chapter 19 v 19 to 25 and Psalm 68 v 31, the descendants of Ham - the African nations - shall at the appointed time rise to offer sacrifices and perform vows unto The Lord and He will bless them in the work of their hands.
           To enable this spread of revival throughout the continent, Prayer City Calabar resolved to make an advance into South Africa by means of outreaches, conferences and financial investments in the city of Johannesburg. As a result, on the 12th March 2007, Rev. Theodore Effiong, Rev. Ephraim Effiong and the Johannesburg inner city ministers inaugurated Prayer City South Africa. Subsequently Pastor John Ghevolor was posted to oversee the mission.
           Although hindrances and obstructions exist, the work progresses steadily and prayer is carried from church to church on a monthly basis where pastors and members pray for the nation. The aim is for the South Africans to be in position for God's end time revival movement for Africa and the world at large and to bring about an environmental turnaround in response to God's power and presence.
           God has granted a few victories and testimonies to encourage the work. A prolonged strike by the South African government workers was frustrating the purposes of God in the land. After three weeks it was decided to take the matter to the court of heaven in the Prayer City meeting ... that the strike should be suspended whether the government responded or not. Three days later the union leaders called off the strike! A coincidence or God-incidence?
           A new branch has been started in Pretoria (mid September 2007) although no venue is available to date. They have been meeting on a mountain! The local pastor is doing everything in his power to secure a venue. There are a lot of challenges but God is Faithful. Clouds are gathering over South Africa. The mighty latter rain shall soon cover the land to the Glory of The Lord.


1. Pray that God will trasform the situation as South Africa is rated No1 in the world for lawlessness and criminality.
2. Pray that Pastors will unite and have God's Kingdom as their priority.
3. Pray that the people will respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
4. Pray against the operation of sancoma (necromancy) - the fundamental belief system
5. Pray for the new Prayer City branch in Pretoria.
6. Pray for an increase in attendance to Prayer City South Africa.
7. Pray that God will connect Pastor John to the appropriate people
8. Pray for the issue of relationships. There is no stable marriage system. 90% of women are divorced or single mothers with several    children - all from different fathers.

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